Catching a Theme on the Chalkstream

Andrew Tsai




Episode: 73
October 21, 2018

Episode Description:

Andrew Tsai is the Chief Investment Officer of Chalkstream Capital Group, which he founded in 2003 to manage the assets of quant guru Peter Muller. Andrew’s fascinating background started on the Lehman arbitrage desk in the early 1990s, after which he formed a quantitative hedge fund in 1997, built a dot.com logistics business in 1999, and led the turnaround of a private equity-backed business thereafter. He combined his wide range of skills to focus on investing at Chalkstream.

Our conversation walks through the stories and lessons from Andrew’s background and turns to Chalkstream. His investment program is the opposite of asset allocation, emphasizing deep dive research, concentrated themes in niche spaces, low beta, long tails, and culture. We close by fleshing out examples of Chalkstream’s themes in Japan and electricity trading.

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