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Aaron Sack

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Episode: 311
April 27, 2023

Episode Description:

The guest on this sponsored insight is Aaron Sack, the head of Morgan Stanley Capital Partners, Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s middle market private equity business.

Our conversation covers Aaron’s path to Morgan Stanly sixteen years ago, the strengths and weaknesses of investing under the umbrella of the bank, and his team’s investment principles and approach across sourcing, due diligence, deal making, and operational improvements. We close discussing the current market dynamics, competitive positioning, and Aaron’s favorite investment example.

Show Notes
02:41 Aaron's background
06:44 Path to private equity
08:29 Contrarian career advice
12:20 Middle market private equity
13:10 Working within a global institution
16:27 Core investment principles
18:52 Assessing quality of management teams
20:43 Due diligence for deals
22:48 Current market dynamics
24:13 Pricing and financing markets
36:55 Creating a game plan with operating partners
30:14 Favorite deal examples
33:16 Competitive positioning
35:26 Closing questions

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