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Episode: 308
April 13, 2023

Episode Description:

This sponsored insight is a special podcast drop from our friends at Thoma Bravo.

If you liked the episode with Orlando Bravo on Capital Allocators or Scott Crabill’s discussion of RealPage on Private Equity Deals, Season 1, you’re going to love this.

Thoma Bravo has launched a new podcast called Behind the Deal, which takes you behind the scenes of one of the largest software investors in the world. It’s an insider’s view of Private Equity Deals – offering a first-person account from the deal leads and CEOs about the firm’s deals, innovation, and growth of its portfolio companies.

This episode discusses SailPoint, an identity management company that led to Thoma Bravo’s first IPO. The business thrived in the public markets, and then Thoma Bravo took it private for a second turn of ownership.

If you invest with Thoma Bravo, are looking to invest, or have any inkling to learn about what’s inside their activity, Behind the Deal is a must listen.

Head to www.thomabravo.com/behindthedeal for information on the podcast, show notes, and more.

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