Beginner’s Mind with Professional Wisdom at Brandywine

Jenny Heller




Episode: 211
August 29, 2021

Episode Description:

Jennifer Heller is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Brandywine Group Advisors, Inc., a subsidiary of Brandywine Trust Group. Jenny manages $12 billion of ‘family endowments’ that are effectively permanent capital if well invested and managed. She is nothing short of a superstar CIO. Jenny was the 7th guest on the show back in 2017, and that recording is replayed in the feed.

Our second conversation gets a bit more in the weeds on Jenny’s superb thought processes.  We discuss a beginner’s mind, the deep dive aspect of Brandywine’s research process using examples from affordable housing, crypto, and insurance, KPIs for managers, position sizing, lessons learned in the manager evaluation process, and how her thinking about teams and culture has evolved.

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