Bain Capital

Gordon Barnes

Private Equity


Episode: 10
October 10, 2023

Episode Description:

Gordon Barnes is the Executive Vice President and the Head of Portfolio Group on the Bain Capital Partnership Strategies team, a group that manages assets primarily for Bain Capital’s partners in strategies that diversify away from the equity-orientation of the firm’s core. Colin Campbell, the group’s co-head, was a previous guest on Capital Allocators, and that conversation is replayed in the feed for context on the group’s approach to investing in esoteric assets.

Prior to Bain Capital, Gordon was a Managing Director and Global Head of Operational Due Diligence at Cambridge Associates where he helped build the firms ODD practices.

Our conversation covers Gordon’s perspective on ODD from his time at Cambridge, becoming knowledgeable in uncommon fund strategies, some case studies from his work with managers, and what makes his role one of a kind.

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