Analytics and AQ at Weiss

Jordi Visser

Hedge Fund


Episode: 221
November 7, 2021

Episode Description:

Jordi Visser is the President & CIO of Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers, a $4 billion hedge fund focused on an innovative investment process, insightful data analytics, and cutting-edge thought leadership. Jordi came on the show and discussed his background and Weiss’ strategy back in 2019. That conversation is replayed on the feed. This time around we get a glimpse of Jordi’s thoughtfulness and rigor across work and life, including baseball cards for portfolio managers, the adaptability quotient or AQ, analytics for business development, and the great resignation in asset management. We then turn to Jordi’s market views on inflation and interest rates, blockchain and decentralization, health and longevity, and mental health and anxiety. We close with his passion for horseracing and its application to money management.

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