A Beautiful Carveout at Orveon

Advent International

Private Equity


Episode: 07
December 7, 2022

Episode Description:

Tricia Glynn is a Managing Director at Advent International, the global private equity firm that oversees nearly $100 billion in assets. Orveon Global is a collective of beauty brands specializing in the future of the face. Advent carved out three brands from Shiseido Americas to form Orveon in 2021.

Our conversation covers the beauty business and the complex dynamics of a carveout transaction, including sourcing, due diligence, and preparing to hit the ground running with a new executive team and a transition plan for the newly independent business. We then turn to Advent's plan to reinvigorate the brands, improve operations, and add value through M&A. We close with challenges in the current environment, lessons learned from the deal, and a roadmap for the years ahead.

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