Capital Allocators Monthly Newsletter - October 2022

We’ve swapped counterparty risk for liquidity risk.
James Aitken

What Ted's Thinking

When There's No L in LBO. Ted's blog disccuses the changing nature of private equity transactions.


Private Equity Deals Rolls On. Our new podcast released episodes 3 and 4 this month, featuring deals from Stone Point Capital and Berkshire Partners.

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Premium Teaser. Each week, our premium members get updates on past guests making waves. Among the highlights this month included:


·        Shundrawn Thomas - launching an impact investing fund

·        Steve Kuhn - adding LeBron James and Tom Brady to the ownership group of Major League Pickleball

·        Lauren Taylor Wolfe - taking it up a notch at the Robin Hood Investors Conference

·        Jennifer Prosek, Todd Boehly, Jeff Solomon, and David Druley - named by WSJ among the most influential decision makers in business

·        Collette Chilton, Meredith Jenkins, and Sarah Samuels - winning Allocator Prize awards at the inaugural With Intelligence event.

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1. Alignment of Interest on Valuations.  Boaz Weinstein from hedge fund Saba Capital tweeted a novel and clever proposal:  "It would be interesting if LPs in funds had a one-time right to sell 5% of their interest to the GP at the valuation provided. Private valuations might be a bit different!"  The comments are worth a read.

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2. Ravi Gupta, 'Play for the Front of the Jersey.'  The Sequoia partner discusses the importance of putting the team in front of the individual in making a winning recipe.

Read 'Play for the Front of the Jersey'

3. Hedge Fund Flows, Omar Kodmani.  A clear, comprehensive look at fund flows in hedge fund strategies from a long-time industry vet.

Read 'Hedge Fund Flows'

4. Rekindling a Relationship That Has Gone Cold, Admired Leadership. We all have relationships worth rekindling. In this Field Note, Randall Stutman and his team give some tips to get started.

Read 'Rekindling A Relationship That's Gone Cold'

5. Annie Duke's latest masterpiece. Quit released on October 4th. Ted is on record predicting it will be a best-seller (2nd book prediction after Morgan Housel's The Psychology of Money).

Read Quit


Capital Allocators Episodes

EP. 273: Annie Duke - Former professional poker player, decision-making expert, best-selling author, and repeat guest discusses her new book, Quit.

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EP. 274: Andy Acker -  Portfolio Manager at Janus Henderson, Andy discusses an empty room: investing in biotech.

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EP. 275: Louis-Vincent Gave -  The Founding Partner and CEO of GaveKal discusses the case for emerging markets.

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EP. 276: Reade Griffith - Co-Founder and CIO of Tetragon discusses managing assets and partnerships.

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EP. 277: Jon Ballis - Chairman of the Executive Committee at Kirkland & Ellis, Jon discusses being in the room where private equity happens.

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EP. 278: Michael Rees - Co-President of public company Blue Owl (OWL) discusses the ins and outs of owning a piece of large-scale GPs.

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Manager Meetings Episode

EP. 38: Jack Sommers - The Co-Founder and Executive Chair at Income Research and Management discusses core fixed-income investing.

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Private Equity Deals Episodes

EP. 03: Jarryd Levine - Managing Director at Stone Point Capital, Jarryd discusses the value in industry specialization at Bullhorn.

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EP. 04: Kevin Callaghan and Larry Hamelsky - Managing Directors at Berkshire Partners, Kevin and Larry discuss culture and compounding at Parts Town.

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