Capital Allocators Monthly Newsletter - February 2023

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.


Private Equity Deals Accolades. Private Equity Deals recently got named the #1 podcast for private equity dealmakers. Season 2 has just kicked off!

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Special Survey from Dan Ariely. Dan asked if we would share his survey researching intuition about the human capital factor in public markets.

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Panic with Friends Podcast. Ted appeared as a guest with his friend Howard Lindzon to chat about choosing your path, compounding knowledge, and the business of podcasting.

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Hot Jobs to Share

Cleveland Clinic, Principal Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Investments . As Principal Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Investments, you will be responsible for developing and executing stakeholder engagement strategies tailored to the Investment Subcommittee, Finance Committee, Executive Leadership, donors and various other internal and external stakeholders.

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CDPQ, Senior Director - Operational Due Diligence. Reporting to the Managing Director, Operational Due Diligence (ODD), the incumbent’s main role will be to conduct ODD, mainly evaluating the quality of CDPQ’s external managers by managing business risk, including operational, reputational and fraud risks.

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1. Admired Leadership on High-Maintenance Team Members. Randall Stutman and his team share tips on how to effectively work with needy teammates.

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2. Anthony Scaramucci on Life Lessons from Special Forces.  Anthony endured six days of special forces training and shares a great list of lessons.

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3. Saving Social Security, Roger Lowenstein. The underfunding and demographic challenges of social security are long-term, potentially intractable problems.

Read 'Everybody Wants to Save Social Security'

4. Investor Identity, Ashby Monk.  Ash's latest research explores the unique character of each institution's identity as a driver of returns.

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5. The Art of Short Selling, Marc Rubinstein. Marc discusses the history, value proposition, and challenges of short selling. His blog is one of my go-to publications for understanding financial services

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Capital Allocators Episodes

EP.295 Marshall Boyd - Co-President and CIO at Interstate Equities Corporation, Marshall gives the meat and potatoes of multi-family real estate.

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EP.296 Brian Philpot - President and CEO at AgAmerica, Brian discusses financing farmers in this sponsor spotlight.

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EP.297 José E. Feliciano - Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Clearlake Capital Group, José talks about flexible private market investing.

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EP.298 Dan Ivascyn - Group-CIO of PIMCO, Dan discusses fixed income being in the limelight again with CIO of the Hewlett Foundation, Ana Marshall.

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EP. 299 Venture Panel - Beezer Clarkson of Sapphire Ventures, Chris Douvos of Ahoy Capital, and Joelle Kayden of Accolade Partners discuss the current venture capital landscape.

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Private Equity Deals Episodes

S.2 EP.01 Fenway Sports Group - Managing Partner of Arctos Sports Partners, Ian Charles, and longtime President and CEO of Fenway Sports Group, Sam Kennedy, discuss FSG.

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Word from our Sponsors

Janus Henderson Investors. This week from Janus Henderson’s institutional blog, previous Capital Allocators guest and Emerging Markets portfolio manager, Daniel Graña, CFA, outlines three reasons why he believes China’s pledge to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 is credible and explains how it could create opportunities for emerging markets investors.

Listen to Daniel Graña on Capital Allocators

Listen to 'China's Net Zero Pledge Holds Opportunity for Emerging Markets Investors'

Passthrough. Passthrough is the simplest way for fund managers around the world to onboard investors. It’s time to eliminate offline, manual subscription documents and KYC/AML processes that create headaches for your LPs and back office and replace it with a modern solution that integrates into your existing stack (instead of asking you to replace it).

Join 250+ fund managers including G Squared, Lead Edge Capital, and Luther King Capital Management to close funds faster, reduce billable hours, and mitigate compliance risks. Head to passthrough.com/capitalallocators from the link below to get 10% off your subscription.

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Canoe Intelligence. How are private markets investors and allocators navigating continued growth in the asset class? This paper explores the reasons behind the expansion in alternatives, the challenges it has created, and how technology, standardization, and industry expertise can provide a solution.

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