Capital Allocators Monthly Newsletter - December 2022

Good thoughts. Good words. Good deeds.


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1. What Ted's Thinking, The Power of an Interview. Ted's latest blog scrutinizes the SBF/FTX scandal by considering the impact of interview style and editing on influencing opinions.

Read 'The Power of an Interview'

2. Fundraising,  John Austin Saviano and Shannon O'Leary.  Two pros from the allocator community share their take on fundraising in the current environment. Read 'How to Not Get a Second Meeting: A Guide' HERE.

Read 'Fundraising in the Current Environment'

3. The Prince, Sue-Lin Wong.  Sue Lin-Wong at The Economist put together a remarkable podcast series with an inside look at Xi Jinping. Episode 5 is especially eye-opening, discussing China's censorship of social media.

Read 'The Prince: Searching for Xi Jinping'

4. A Year for the Ages, Sahil Bloom.  Follow-up on his thankful reflections a month ago, Sahil shared the lessons he learned in 2022, which itself could be a compilation of our customary last closing question on the podcast.

Read '22 Lessons Learned in 2022'

5. The Banker's Wife, Cristina Alger.  In a highly entertaining diversion, I devoured Alger's best-seller - an intricate weave of storytelling tied to Swiss Banking. It led me to read two of her other books during Thanksgiving break as well. Add it to your fun reading list this year!

Read 'The Banker's Wife'


Capital Allocators

EP.284 Thomas Majewski - Managing Partner & Founder of Eagle Point Credit Management, Thomas gives a masterclass on CLOs at Eagle Point Credit Management.

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EP.285 Sachin Khajuria - Former partner at Apollo, Sachin gives an insider's take on private equity.

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EP.286 Charley Ellis - Investment luminary, founder of Greenwich Associates, and author of seventeen investment books, Charley discusses his two latest releases.

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EP.287 Carol Geremia - President and Head of Global Distribution, Carol discusses creating long-term value in (nearly) 100 years at MFS.

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EP.288 Ana Marshall - CIO for The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Ana discusses investing in a new market environment.

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EP.289 Year in Review 2022 - Our annual letter and a countdown of the top episodes of 2022.

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Private Equity Deals

Season 1, EP.07 Advent International - Tricia Glynn, Managing Director at Advent International, discusses Orveon, a newly formed corporate carveout.

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Season 1, EP.08 CD&R - Ravi Sachdev, Partner, and Ron Williams, Operating Advisor, dive into a deal with aspects of venture, growth equity, and buyouts all rolled into one.

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