Capital Allocators Monthly Newsletter - August 2023

Be curious, not judgmental.
Walt Whitman (and Ted Lasso)

What Ted's Thinking

Active Management Today is a Single Decision. I’ve had a few conversations recently with CIOs about the underperformance of long-only managers who are underweight the magnificent seven. It got me thinking about the ramifications of stock index concentration on active management.


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1. Empathy Starts with Curiosity, HBR.  A great interviewing tip from HBR - be curious, not judgmental.

Read HBR Article

2. Venture Secondaries. Ali Hamed describes challenges transacting venture LP secondaries. Ravi Viswanathan shared how NVC solves these issues in his recent podcast conversation.

Listen to Ravi on Capital Allocators

Read Secondaries in LP Stakes

3. The Failure of Public Asset Managers, Marc Rubenstein. Marc discusses the downfall of Och Ziff/Sculptor as a public company.

Read The End of an Experiment

4. The Best of Tennis. It's the middle weekend of the U.S. Open - a good time to share my two favorite tennis books, each of which has lessons for investors (although more for tennis players.) One on the mental game (The Inner Game of Tennis) and one on tactics (Brad Gilbert's Winning Ugly).

Read The Inner Game of Tennis

5. Matthew McConaughey, Greenlights. Chris Sacca recommended the audiobook of McConaughey's autobiography. It's a rich blend of flow states ("greenlights"), life lessons ("bumper stickers"), and storytelling in McConaughey’s iconic voice.

Read Greenlights

BONUS:  Ted Lasso on Empathy. A classic from the hit TV show with the same message as the HBR article. "Barbeque sauce."

Watch Clip


Capital Allocators Episodes

EP.331 Sachin Khajuria and Brendan Ballou - In a mini-panel, Sachin and Brendan debate private equity, profit or plunder.

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EP.333 Kim Sargent - CIO of the Packard Foundation, Kim discusses passion and mission at endowments and foundations.

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EP.334 Stan Miranda - Founder and Chairman of Partners Capital, Stan discusses the modern endowment model.

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Private Equity Deals Episodes

EP.335 Chris Gordon - In an interlude between Seasons 2 and 3 of PE Deals, Chris Gordon of Bain Capital discusses the classic take-private deal of Hospital Corporations of America.

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Investment Management Operations

EP.04 Jenn Birmingham - Managing Director at Princeton University Investment Company, Jenn discusses how operations provide leverage to an investment organization.

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EP.05 Scott Pomfret - Advisor to private funds and vendors on regulatory, legal, and business issues, Scott has seen every angle of the investment fund regulatory landscape.

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EP.07 Ken Meister - Founding Partner, President, and COO at Evanston Capital Management, Ken shares his perspective on the hedge fund industry.

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Sponsored Insights

EP.332 Michael Carmen - Co-Head of Private Investments at Wellington, Michael discusses late-stage private investing.

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EP.06 Bipsync at UVIMCO - This sponsored insight highlights Bipsync, the research management software.

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Janus Henderson Investors. This week from Janus Henderson's institutional blog, past podcast Guest and Portfolio Manager Daniel Grana discusses the exciting landscape for India.

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