Capital Allocators Monthly Newsletter - July 2022

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1. What Ted's Reading. We compiled a list of our favorite blogs and news, including those shared in past monthlies.

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2. Morgan Housel on Lifestyles. The best-selling author contemplates the balance between internal and external measures of success through the experience of two sailors competing to be the fastest to sail around the world.

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3. What to Say to Your LPs Right Now. John-Austin Saviano is the former CIO at UC-Berkeley and founder of High Country Advisors. He offers sage advice to GPs through understanding the mind of an LP in rocky markets, and we're not just saying that because of how closely his thoughts echo Chapter 10 in Ted's book.

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4. The Age of Weaponization. Louis-Vincent Gave from Gavekal offers his thoughts on the potential transfer of leadership in this downturn from developed to emerging markets.

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5. The Fate of Crypto. A bubble, a crash, and then what? The fate of crypto may fall into one of two frameworks. Sebastian Mallaby discusses the potential for another rise from the ashes akin to the dot.com era. In contrast, Joe Weisenthal from Bloomberg describes how the reflexive nature of the blockchain economic incentive structure might lead to a downward spiral that does not come back. Read Joe's Article Here.

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Capital Allocators Episodes

Josh Friedman - Founding Canyon, the evolution of credit markets, and Josh's advice for investment committees.

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Mario Giannini - GP/LP relationships, Hamilton Lane's evolution, and the future of the industry.

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Rob Citrone - Rob doesn’t often share his insights in the public forum, so it was a real treat to get inside the mind of one of the best in the business.

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Ashvin Chhabra - Ashvin is one of the most creative and independent thinkers in the community and you’ll soon hear why.

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Manager Meetings Episode

Regan Bozman - Launching Lattice, their investment philosophy, and the definition of defensible moats.

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