Capital Allocators Monthly - November 2021

December 1, 2021 by Ted Seides

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

– Eckhart Tolle


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Chief of Staff at Inflection Point Partners (IPP). Matt Spielman’s executive, career, and health coaching practice is seeking a Chief of Staff. View Posting Here.

Chief Content Officer at CAIA. The CCO will be responsible for developing, stewarding, and amplifying the CAIA brand around the world. For more information, please email Hank. View Posting Here.

CFO for Global Leader in Video Solutions for Financial Services. The CFO will oversee all financial activities of the company and will be responsible for providing strategic and financial advice to the Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors. View Posting Here.

Public Markets Analyst at UTIMCO. Full-time, pre-MBA position responsible for assisting the Public Markets team with investment research. View Posting Here.

A Word from Our Sponsors

Janus Henderson Investors. From JHI’s institutional blog, Head of US Securitized Products, John Kerschner, CFA, explains why MBS may actually benefit from tapering if they are favored over “riskier assets.”
Read Tapering Without the Tantrum

Northern Trust Front Office Solutions. The team at Northern Trust FOS recently released a machine learning module for asset owner research management to provide better oversight of the entire research process.
Read on the Release

Ontra. The global leader in Contract Automation and Intelligence outlines ten of the most important terms contained in side letters, highlighting some of the challenges in complying with those terms and assessing the potential operational impact for GPs.
Download Guide

iConnections. Join the leading global community for alternative investments that makes a bigger impact on our world at Global Alts 2022 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach from January 24th to 27th.
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Ordered by reading time: tweets first, books last, and blog posts and articles in between.

1. Sahil Bloom, How to Win (without talent or luck). Sahil Bloom is a fountain of wisdom. In this thread, he shares timeless wisdom about winning.
Read How to Win

2. Perspectives on the Metaverse. We saw two pieces this month that help explain the Metaverse in different levels of detail – one from the New York Times and the second from Josh Wolfe from Lux Capital.
Read An 8-Year-Old Explain the Metaverse and How Josh Wolfe Explains the Metaverse

3. Josh Wolfe, Imagination at Lux Capital. Josh Wolfe believes failure comes from a failure to imagine failure. In its most recent quarterly letter, Lux imagines a boom and a bust scenarios for its quarterly letter a year from now.
Read Lux Capital’s 3Q 2021 Letter

4. Chris Dixon, Web3. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Learning about the blockchain can feel a bit daunting, like learning Mandarin. Web3 is the latest buzzword for a decentralized internet with value accreting to creators.

Podcast guest Chris Dixon is our favorite source of wisdom and relatable analogies for the ecosystem. His editorial in The Economist with Packy McCormick, Time Well Spent interview, and Tim Ferriss podcast with Naval Ravikant offer a path to take the first step on the educational journey.
Read Chris in The Economist, more from Chris, and Listen to Chris and Naval on Tim Ferriss

5. Randall Stutman, Admired Leadership and Spectacular Parenting Advice. Randall’s Admired Leadership online course is the gift that keeps on giving, and his Admired Leadership Field Notes (free) offers daily wisdom. We recently learned that a book his team wrote for clients, The Everyday Rules of Spectacular Parents, is available for purchase.
Buy The Everyday Rules of Spectacular Parents and Sign Up for Admired Leadership Field Notes


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