Capital Allocators Monthly - May 2022

June 1, 2022 by Ted Seides

“Liquidity crises are like dynamite fishing: the explosion wreaks widespread destruction, but it takes a while for the bigger fish to surface.”

– GaveKal Research

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The Problem with ESG. Ted’s latest blog discusses the problematic nature of the label “ESG” and the confusion it creates for investors.

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Matt Spielman’s New Book. Ted’s executive coach and friend of 25 years released his first book earlier this week entitled Inflection Points: How to Work and Live with Purpose. Ted had the honor of writing the foreward to the book.

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10 East. Ted is an Advisor to 10 East, a New York-based private investment platform that is an affiliate of the family office of former Deputy Executive Managing Member of Davidson Kempner Michael Leffell. 10 East is hiring seasoned investment professionals to join a well-capitalized team focused on reinventing how individuals access high-quality alternative investment opportunities.

Investment Professional

Brandywine Group Advisors. Jenny Heller’s adding an Investment Associate to her staff. This person will join the ten-person investment team that manages approximately $12 billion in assets. The Investment Associate will report to a senior-level Investment Managing Director and will have exposure to a broad range of asset classes, including public and private equity and hedge funds, and geographies.

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Investment Associate

HICO Ventures. Ellen Ellison is looking for an investment analyst to join the HICO Investment Team. This person will be instrumental in constructing a green-field endowment model portfolio over the next five years.

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Investment Analyst

Stable Asset Management. The $3 billion backer of alternative asset managers is looking to bring on a Director and Investment Analyst focused on hedge funds.

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Director- Hedge Funds
Investment Analyst – Hedge Funds

Vanderbilt University. The Office of Investments is looking for someone with a thirst for knowledge, a strong work ethic, a passion for investing, and that is a team-oriented individual. The Investment Manager will focus on the university’s private investment portfolio and will report to the Head of Private Investments.

Investment Manager

The New York Community Trust. The $3.5 billion community foundation is bringing on an Investment Director to assist with the oversight of the various investment functions of the trust and their intersection with NYCT’s charitable work.

Investment Director


Ordered by reading time: tweets first, books last, and blog posts and articles in between.

1. Preparing for a Downturn. Ted remembers the spring day in 2000 when Peter Castleman, the Managing Partner of J.H. Whitney, told the investment team the world changed. He dropped the hatchet on new deals and instructed the investment team to preserve cash at portfolio companies.

Similar warnings abound this week about the public markets from Bill Gurley, venture capital from FirstMark’s Matt Turck, and companies from longtime Amazon and Facebook exec and currently Coatue’s Dan Rose. Read Gurley on Public Markets. Read Rose on Companies. Read Turck on Venture Capital.

2. Private equity saturation. One of this year’s top-of-mind allocator issues is how to manage ever-larger private equity funds coming to market faster. The first signs of saturation are showing up. This tweetstorm from Sami Kaji from Allocate describes how the denominator effect works. Read The Denominator Effect.

3. KKR’s Landmark Sale. KKR exited a garage door manufacturer in its highest returning U.S. deal in 30 years. In the process, it is paying out $360 million to the employees that made it happen. Read KKR’s Windfall for Itself and Employees.

4. Investing in Innovation. In the midst of a massive selloff of high-flying growth stocks, Kai Wu discusses Innovation as a factor and reaches an unexpected conclusion. Read Sparkline Capital Piece.

5. The Business of Baseball. Our National Pastime is a nice diversion from the malaise of markets. Whether Steve Cohen’s data analytics for the Mets, the San Francisco Giants’ uniquely diverse team, or the novel entertainment of the Savannah Bananas, baseball continues to evolve in fascinating ways. Read Data Analytics at Mets. Read Diversity at San Francisco Giants. Watch Savannah Banana Story.


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Best of the Rest

Ted Weschler on I Am Home. Ted made a rare public appearance to discuss his experience at Berkshire, the story of how he met Warren Buffet, how he makes investment decisions, and his take on today’s market. May seem a strange fit, but the podcast is from Nebraska Furniture Mart, a longtime Berkshire portfolio company.

Boaz Weinstein on Masters in Business. Hedge fund manager Boaz of Saba Capital discussed some of his great stories and insights in the business with Barry Ritholtz.

Ted on The Investor’s Podcast. Ted recently made his second appearance on TIP to discuss the influence of hedge funds on today’s markets and the impact of ESG policies.
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