Capital Allocators Monthly - March 2021

Apr 5, 2021 by
Ted Seides

Hello Fellow Listeners,

It’s been a busy month with the book launch, new website, Crypto for Institutions mini-series, and new design for Capital Allocators Monthly.  


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I will be hosting our second sponsored webinar on April 13th at 11:00AM EDT for a discussion with Troy Pospisil, CEO and Founder at InCloudCounsel, to learn how asset managers can strengthen relationships with LPs, speed up core business operations like fundraising and deal-making, and reduce business and regulatory risk. Join Us
Funds 4 Minds 
In May, iConnections will be hosting Funds 4 Minds, a month-long initiative bringing together the alternative investment industry to fundraise for mental health charities. it is a successor to last year's Funds 4 Food, which raised nearly $2 million to support food insecurity.  Please join us in this time of need for so many, of all ages, whose lives got upended by the Covid-19 pandemic. Register Here
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*(Ordered by reading time: tweets first, books last, and blog posts and articles in between) 
“No one enjoys being wrong, but I do enjoy having been wrong, because it means I am now less wrong than I was before.” – Daniel Kahneman
1. NFTs and a Thousand True Fans, Chris Dixon. Chris is back to writing!. He shares his gift (in addition to investing) of describing the blockchain ecosystem in easily understandable analogies this time around with NFTs.
2. ESG Benchmarking, Sarah Willamson. Now that the investment world is paying attention to sustainability, the next step is to measure impact. Sarah describes some issues and suggestions on financial and non-financial disclosure for companies.
3. Asking Better Questions, Scott Ginsburg. Following on the Interviewing chapter in Capital Allocators, Scott offers a list of valuable “How” and “What” started questions to get the ball rolling.
4. Lessons in Entrepreneurship, Polina Marinova Pompliano. Polina left Fortune a year ago to focus on writing The Profile, a fantastic read profiling successful people and companies. Here she shares what she learned in her first 90 days on her own.
5. Private Equity in 2021.  PWC lays the landscape for the challenges in opportunities in private equity this year


Capital Allocators
EP.179:  Alex Shahidi and Damien Bisserier – Uncorrelated Return and Balanced Risk at Evoke-ARIS

EP.184:  Ted with Patrick O’Shaughnessy – Lessons from the World’s Elite Money Managers 

EP.185:  Ted with Jenny Heller – Compounding Knowledge and Relationships

Crypto for Institutions Mini-Series
EP.180:  Eric Peters – The Macro Case for Bitcoin

EP.181:  Michael Sonnenshein – A Path to Entry

EP.182:  Seth Ginns – Investing Beyond Bitcoin

EP.183:  Ari Paul – Exploring Inefficiencies in Crypto Trading


Capital Allocators: The Book Tour
The Pomp Podcast with Anthony Pompliano.  Pomp and I discuss the Yale Investments Office, ESG, Diversity and Inclusion, and crypto.

Bloomberg Radio with Carol Massar and I discuss philosophies and insight from Chief Investment Officers.
Morningstar: The Long View with Christine Benz and Jeff Ptak. We discuss the new book, the various guests he has interviewed, and the reason why he shared his portfolio with the world.    

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