Capital Allocators Monthly - April 2022

May 1, 2022 by Ted Seides

“Take the high road. It’s less crowded.”

– Warren Buffett


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The Melvin Dilemma. In the early days of institutional interest in hedge funds, Byron Wien published a paper entitled “The Inherent Instability of Hedge Funds.” He described how strong performance leads to inflows, which can shift the investable opportunity set away from the one in which the manager thrived, and weak performance can lead to concerns over the stability of the organization.

Melvin Capital has experienced both performance extremes and is tasked with figuring out how to move forward. The present dilemma for Melvin, its investors, and the industry is a real-time case study on incentives, option value, and decision making under uncertainty.

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Supercharge your Productivity. Khe Hy is launching his 10th cohort to design systems to help identify and implement your most impactful goals. Registration closes May 3rd.

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Check out our Guests Making Waves! As a part of our Premium subscription, we share news about past guests on the show, and it was a heck of a month for our community.

During April, Annie Duke joined First Round Capital, Chris Dixon topped the Forbes Midas list, Homebrew announced Homebrew Forever (without outside capital), Brett Jefferson sold a stake in Hildene to Leucadia, and Ash Williams joined JPM Asset Management. We take no credit for the Capital Allocators boost

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Advocate Aurora Health. The Chicago-based fund overseeing $15 billion in not-for-profit and pension assets is bringing on three Investment Analysts to its 10-person team. Candidates will be considered for senior analyst based on experience.

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Capital Allocators China. An exciting opportunity to grow the Capital Allocators brand abroad! Our Chinese affiliate group is looking for an Entrepreneurial Associate to join their staff.

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Ordered by reading time: tweets first, books last, and blog posts and articles in between.

1. Decision Education Podcast. Season 3 of the Decision Education podcast from Annie Duke’s Alliance for Decision Education has kicked off with popular Capital Allocators guest Katy Milkman. Listen Here.

2. Dollar Dominance Here to Stay. Sebastian Mallaby takes a contrarian view to the adage that the weaponization of the dollar will end its role as the global reserve currency. Read Here.

3. MIT 15-year letter. Seth Alexander’s thoughtful, infrequent letter shares deep insights into the operations and investing of MITIMCO. Read Here.

4. Yale 2021 Endowment Report. A beautiful ode to the life, career, and impact of David Swensen. Read Here.

5. Streaming Tech Stories. The series on Uber (Super Pumped) and WeWork (WeCrashed) are exceptional tellings of the trials and tribulations of two marquee, venture-backed companies in the sharing economy and their passionate founders. Watch Super Pumped & WeCrashed.


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