Capital Allocators Monthly (January 2018)

Jan 31, 2018 by
Ted Seides


I'm going to endeavor to send out an email monthly with writing and podcast updates. Feel free to pass along word of the distribution list, and equally, please unsubscribe if you have too much to read.  We all need another email to delete like a hole in the head.

My latest column on Institutional Investor went live yesterday.  It's entitled "When Will Yale Buy Bitcoin?" Although as you'll read, it's not really about Yale, and it's not really about Bitcoin.

You can find it here:

The inevitable media blitz marking the end of my ten year bet with Warren Buffett ensued.  Lots of electronic ink poured, most of which isn't "new"s.  But I enjoyed learning about the real impact of the bet - what Girls Inc. of Omaha will do with the proceeds. Very glad our actual investments of the collateral - one trade from treasures to BRK stock - blew away both sides of the bet and will help young women in need for many years to come.

You can read about it here.

The podcast has continued to expand it's following with a very high quality group of listeners. Last month's were well received and you won't want to miss the next three (Michael Mauboussin, Bill Spitz, and Seth Masters).

Paul Johnson and Paul Sonkin, authors of Pitch the Perfect Investment, a book I think should become required reading in the CFA curriculum for both aspiring analysts and portfolio managers. The conversation didn't disappoint:  capitalallocators.com/paulandpaul

Chris Acito, a specialst in the credit markets.  Chris mapped out the credit landscape and offered a post-crises history of how we got here.  capitalallocators.com/acito

Margaret Chen, the head of the OCIO business for venerable Cambridge Associates.  The conversation came out this week and soared in popularity. Likely a combination of Margaret's wisdom, the intriguing and growing business, and the CA brand.  capitalallocators.com/chen

Lastly, I re-released a conversation I had with Patrick O'Shaughnessy about hedge funds. We covered the past, present, and future of the investment area.  capitalallocators.com/hedgefunds

2018 is off to the races (at least the S&P 500 is once again).  Have a good one!


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