Capital Allocators Monthly - November 2020

December 1, 2020 by Ted Seides

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Announcements and Gratitudes

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Books: How I Invest My Money and The Psychology of Money.  Two recent favorites and best sellers (or soon to be).
Online course: Admired Leadership.  Randall Stutman and his team’s 100 behaviors of Admired Leaders.  It’s amazing.
Headphones for Zoom: Koss headphones.  Lost cost and the best headphones I’ve found for Zoom
Webcam:  Razer Kiyo.  I tried a bunch of webcams – this one is the best. When I started using it, about 80% of my Zoom calls asked if my office is a virtual background.

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Throughout the year, we’ve tried to offer a Tim Ferriss-like platform for worthwhile products and solutions that may interest our listeners.  The latest additions to the roster offer terrific products that enhance the investment process.  Canalyst is the coolest modeling software I’ve seen, and Backstop has long been a leading data organizer for allocators.

Reading (Ordered by reading time: tweets first, books last, and blog posts and articles in between) 

Quote:  This first audio quote I posted on Twitter about position sizing from Joel Greenblatt quickly had 20K views.  More to come on Twitter, Insta, YouTube, and LInkedIn.

1.  Taming Your Investment Committee, Gregory Curtis.  Greg is the founder of advisory firm Greycourt & Co. and writes a weekly blog about family office topics and markets. In this post, he offers a few rules to tame the Investment Committee.  If only it were this simple.

2.  Amateurs vs. Professionals, Shane Parrish.  Shane’s tweet storm describes differences between the best and the rest. Much of it can be applied to discovering alpha-generating managers.

3.  20 Lessons from a Wall Street Career, Rich Handler. The CEO of Jefferies offers advice he wish he knew at the start of his career.

4.  Disconnecting from Technology, Craig Mod.  Craig wrote this beautiful piece about taking a long walk across Japan. I was half way through the article before I settled into focusing on it, a microcosm of the experience he describes.

5.  Common Sense:  The Investor’s Guide to Equality, Opportunity, and Growth, Joel Greenblatt.  Each of Joel’s four books is insightful and readable. In the latest, he tackles the issue of inequality with common sense proposals.


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Special thanks to Anchor sponsors:

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Best of the Rest

Sam Hinke on ESPN Daily, Former GM of the Sixers and creator of The Process makes a rare public appearance, deflecting a snarky host, sharing wisdom, and showing his support for new Sixers GM Daryl Morey.  Sam’s letter upon his departure is as good as any Buffett shareholder letter.

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