Capital Allocators Monthly - January 2019

February 5, 2019 by Ted Seides

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Here Ye, Here Ye
We crossed ONE MILLION downloads on the podcast (cue: Dr. Evil from Austin Powers).

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Reading (Ordered by reading time: tweets first, books last, and blog posts and articles in between) 

1.  What Happened When I Met Jack Bogle
My latest in Institutional Investor tells the story of the one time I met Jack.  Jack wrote about our dinner in a chapter of Larry Cunningham and Stephanie Cuba’s The Warren Buffett Shareholder.  Larry graciously provided the chapter, which is a teaser for their fun book.

2. Shane Parrish, “Samuel Andrews: The Man with the Billion Dollar Ego”
Shane’s writing is terrific, and this short piece is a reminder to stay calm and carry on.

3. Roz Hewsenian, Don’t Be a Crappy Boss
Shortly after our podcast conversation, Roz received Institutional Investor‘s Allocator Choice Award for Lifetime Achievement.  Her acceptance speech is an entertaining and informative top 10 list.

4.  Great Buyers, Lousy Sellers
Four academics and practitioners put together eye-opening research showing that active managers do a much better job entering positions than exiting them. Alicia McElhaney at Institutional Investor wrote a good summary of the paper here.

5.  James Clear, Atomic Habits
I highly recommend Atomic Habits, now a NY Times best seller. It helped me improve some of my habits immediately by starting with tiny, atomic changes.  It’s a quick read and a rare how-to book that can change your life for the better without a laundry list of tasks to get there.

Capital Allocators
1.  Donna Snider, Kresge Foundation Managing Director and Institutional Investor‘s top draft pick to be a future CIO, talks in detail about the investment process.

2.  Ron Biscardi, CEO of Context Capital Partners, discusses his hedge fund acceleration investments and his massive capital introduction Summit.

3.  Jean Hynes, co-Managing Partner of Wellington Management, walks through her career at Wellington, the firm, and its investment process.

4.  Jen Prosek, CEO of leading financial services PR firm Prosek Partners, describes how to build a brand in asset management.

Best of the Rest
1.  Adam Robinson on Shane Parrish’s Knowledge Project.  This two part episode is awesome.

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